Finance & Strategy

You need advise on your Strategy or someone who realizes your Financial Planning Tools? Maybe you need an efficient and reliable Rporting System?

We are eager to help you with advise and Business Tool Development. We do not stop at just talking. Success happen when we start doing.

Marketing & Branding

You are not sure about your Branding and Corporate Identity definitions? Maybe you need support with your Marketing Strategy or Marketing Measures?

We would love to understand your situation and give you advise and active support with diverse topics in Marketing and Branding.

Expansion Strategy

You want to enter new markets but are totally insecure about which to choose? Maybe you already know where you want to go but do not know how?

We are experienced in expansion topics (legally and operationally). We know bout chances and risks and would love to actively support you.

Let's talk about your Business

Our Background in a nutshell

We are two Entrepreneurs with a joint experience of more than 20 in doing Business. From small startupsover large incubators to big corporates, we gained highly valuable and priceless experience in Finance, Business Strategy, Marketing  and Expansion Strategy.

This experience is exactly what we will offer as your benefit. On these pages we will show you how we can support you with your business. With us by your side you can focus on your strngths. We will enable you tor grow reach new levels.
Of course, we are also aware of the challenges of young startups. We offer you special rates. Come and see it for yourself.

How we work

Business is our passion, success the target. For achieving this, we need the correct mindset. You also need to change your state of mind from being a dreamer to becoming a doer. Mindest is key. Our mindset is straight forward.

We are acively supporing projects and corporates. This does not only include advisory but rather alse developing and realizing projects. Sprock Ventures does not only stand by your side with advice but with active support in the fields of Finance, Strategy & Reporting, Marketing & Branding as well as Expansion Strategy. We are sure, we can offer the depth of support you need. We understand us as Project Enablers. We enable your company for being more successful. Still nobody can guarantee your success. With our support, we will increase your chances to win the competition.

Please see also our Startup Pitch Deck.