Expansion Strategy


Every Market is different in terms of openness to innovation, market-size,  market-protection, and much more. Let's tak about how to enter a specific market, measuring all benefits and risks. We will provide you expert guidance. This will prevent common mistakes. We enable you to avoid unnecessary risks, expenses, and time effort. Together we can work on your business success.

What support we offer

The evolution of a company goes through many different, yet comparable stages. One of the most exciting phases is expansion. Especially the regional expansion may bring some special challenges. Not every region is as open as the European Union. Entering new markets may even put your whole project at risk. We know about the risks and offer you the following services for support. 

Analying a Market-Size

Evaluating legal Market-Openness

Understanding Openness to Innovations

Assessing Market Risks & Chances

Discussing Market Entrance Strategies

Support in incorporating subsidiaries

Opening Bank Accounts for subsidiary

Helping to set up a local team

Setting up local operations

You got the choice!

We will explain to you your choices, in the end, you have the choice whether or not to take the risks. Great news: Risks can be limited. We can help you directly with it. Do not forget: Nothing kills more dreams than doubts. In the long term, this may even affect your already existing business. Don't let challenges stand between you and your ultimate success.

Developing an Expansion Strategy

We will create your Market Analysis and Strategy of Expansion. Our vast experience gives us many Tips and Tricks.

Realizing your business Expansion

Once the Strategy is figured out, we will also offer you our support in actively realizing your expansion. You chose the fields you need support in.

How we support your Expansion

There are many ways to enter the market. We were supporting market entries for diverse companies. Especially working for Germanies largest company builders gave us a vast experience. Generally, your support can be split in the following three steps.

Drafting Your Expansion Strategy

Strategies are developed at the table.  So are Market entrance strategies. We evaluate the risks and discuss the results with you. As a team, we will give you advise on entering new markets. Additionally, we will figure out a legal and operational Strategy of truly. We take care of and simplify your regional business expansion. Meanwhile, you will be able to focus on already running operations. 

Realizing your Market-Entry

Doing business is like crafting. With the right tools and Experience professionals, it can be mastered with a higher chance of success. We know, only around 10% of all startups succeed. However, failing should not be reasoned on haste. We evaluate your risks and support you in realizing your expansion.

Online & offline expansion support

Through prior experience, we have professional connections in most countries of the world. Yet, we are also experienced in doing international business mostly digitally. Digitalization is one of the biggest changes in this fast pacing world. We use it where possible. However, sometimes, you still need to come around.

Please also download our Startup Pitch Deck.

Understanding Business Model

The base of your Strategy is the Status Quo.

Evaluating the Your Vision

Your targets define the Road to Go.

Strategy Development

We develop you in defining strategy to success.

Support in Rollout

We support you during Strategy Rollout and Expansion.

Special Pricing Offer

Grab your Package

We are bringing our knowledge and broad experience from the corporate world into the free market. We know about the importance of Expansion to realize your true business potential. Parallely, we also understand the risks connected to expansion. We are eager to support you in developing and realizing your expansion strategy.

Reach out to us in a first introductory phone call which is free of charges for you. We can figure out a way to support you.

Expansion Strategy - Young Startup Package


Hourly Rate for Young Companies

Understanding your Vision of Expansion.
Analysis of your Expansion target.
Evaluation of Expansion Chances.
Development of an Expansion Strategy.
Operational Support in Realizing your Expansion..


Feel free to download our Startup Pitch Deck.

Expansion Strategy - Corporate Package


Hourly Rate for Corporates

Understanding your Vision of Expansion.
Analysis of your Expansion target.
Evaluation of Expansion Chances.
Development of an Expansion Strategy.
Operational Support in Realizing your Expansion.


* Net Prices in Euro per Hour. Hourly budgets and pricing for large projects can be negotiated. Additional Fees might incur upon your request. They need to be approved in advance by you. The offer counts only upon request.