Finance & Investment

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We support your Finance processes


We are  your experienced partner. Starting with the setting up and organization of your financial department, over the optimization of your processes and preparation for financial audits.

Are you a Startup? Trust us, we understand must common Startup challenges and mistakes. We know what mess looks like and we know, how to fix it.

Together we can highly automate and optimize your Finance- and Reporting Structure.

You are welcome to download our Startup Pitch Deck.

Your professional Financial Business plan is just a step ahead

We know how a professional Business Plan works and what it contains. We developed Financial planning that already received millions of Euros in Investment. If you count with a promising idea and team, this might be your future as well.

Of course, every business looks differently. The wheels and gears are turning different, but we worked with many different business models already. No matter if Marketplace, SaaS or ECommerce, we already experienced the business.

Together we can bring your business plan to the next level or develop an outstanding upgraded version.

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You want to know more?

Feel free to contact us at any time. Give us your name, contact information and first details about, what problem we can solve with you.