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Marketing is more than just social media campaigns.  It is rather the creation of your image in public. Everything your company does, each color and shape make an impression. Your customers will love it or hate it. The more important it is to understand your audience and create your brand accordingly. We will help you on this.

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Beautiful Simplicity

Your Branding defines the appearance of your company in public. Therefore, it is important to create a beautiful, yet simple design. Beautiful simplicity stays on your customers’ mind.

Industry dependend designs

Each industry and target group reacts differently to a different Design (logo, forms, colors, types of media & Marketing Channels).  We will help you through the creative jungle.

Create your Brand

Together, we design your marketing- and branding strategy. We define the roadmap to your public Image. Your business success should not be defeated by initial mistakes. Let's talk.

We support you in strategy and realization

Planning Marketing Measures

No matter if Strategic Initiatives or current Marketing measures, we help you in developing an effective marketing strategy. This helps you in reaching your customers: Channels, Campaigns, Measures, Regions and more, depending on your situation, audience, and industry.

Logo creation & corporate identity

Your general public appearance has to address your target Group. Logo and corporate identity are key to become successful. 
We support you in creating your Corporate Identity: Logo, Forms, Colors, etc.anything that influences your identity in public.

Definition of Colors and Forms

Colors can influence everybody's mood. The interpretation of colors even differs in some regions. We are aware of this and support you in defining the best solution in Colors and forms for your project. These aspects are crucial for reaching your audience. 

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engines can be a powerful tool for online businesses in receiving free traffic. AdWords is just a paid tool. Your Content is king to be listed in Search Engines.
We possess experience in managing attractive content in different topics, such as finance, energy, fashion, health and motivation.

Media Creation

Text Content is key for Search ENgines, Video Content is key for your audience. Nowadays, people prefer to watch videos instead of reading a long text.
We have the tools and know how to create Videos and Images. Of course, we can even support you with developing Media Content.


You are looking for someone who creates a beautifule website for you? We also support you in creating Websites according to your Marketing targets and corporate Identity requirements. 

As for our services, we will be using software which you can easily adopt and update on your own. Still, we won't leave you alone. Whenever you need support, we will support you. with your webite, Marketing, Branding and Social Media Accounts.

No matter if Blog, Shop, Galery or whatever Service, we use a toolkit that creates you an easy to use and functioning solution under high requirements of data protection. Whether or not we will also support you on the contact is fully up to you.

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We are bringing our creativity, knowledge, openness and broad experience from the corporate world into the free market. We know about the importance of marketing and corporate branding for every business. Additionally, we are eager to turn your public image into a shining star. 

If you wish, we can also define fixed price projects, e.g. for Logo Design r Video Production.

Let's talk, reach out to us in a first introductory phone call which is free of charges for you. Schedule it now. We can figure out a way to support you.

Marketing & Branding Services - Young Startup Package


Hourly Rate for Young Companies

Discussing your Industry and Vision
Developing your Marketing Strategy
Working out Marketing Measures
Media Creation (Video, Audio and Picture)
SEO Texting
Creating Logo and Corporate Design / Identity
Development of Website-Solutions


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Marketing & Branding Services - Corporate Package


Hourly Rate for Corporates

Discussing your Industry and Vision
Developing your Marketing Strategy
Working out Marketing Measures
Media Creation (Video, Audio and Picture)
SEO Texting
Creating Logo and Corporate Design / Identity
Development of Website-Solutions


* Net Prices in Euro per Hour. Hourly budgets and pricing for large projects can be negotiated. Additional Fees might incur upon your request. They need to be approved in advance by you. The offer counts only upon request.