Our Projects

Here you find an overview of the projects we created. From small websites, over Marketing campaigns to large platforms. We believe in our dreams. Doing is our passion. Feel free to contact us, so we can see, whether or not to cooperate.

falamoda - Your Fashion Experience

With falamoda, we are developing our first eCommerce business. This Online Fashion store seems to be sailing in a red ocean full of sharks, but we are not scared. We are saling towards a bay which is left blue. Here, we can finally swim freely.

The challenge: We do not yet know, where this blue watered bay is. So, we keep on pivoting, gaining experience and chances to succeed.

Website Author and Business Professional is a simple website about Simon Sprock, author and business professional, startup consultant and leader in finance, dreamer and doer, cancer survivor and fighter.

This is one example simple websites that are totally sufficient. giving information without to much hullabaloo. Simple, informative and convincing.

#Krebspatient - Book & Audiobook

#Krebspatient is an autobiographic book and upcoming audiobook written by SImon Sprock. SImon describes his experiences, fighting cancer in a touching way. It was even elected the book of the month October 2018 by the publisher tredition.

We are supporting the cover design, book promotion and creation of an audiobook. Additionally, we are working on the production of a song connected to this book. We do not believe in borders, but in achieving the next level, creating incredible things with innovative ideas and positive approaches.

Coachiendo, like a friend by your side

Coachiendo is a platform, focusing on motivational and inspirational Article. This platform was initially developed by Simon & Melissa Sprock as kind of self-support in tough times. Now this framework is part of Sprock Ventures. This platform does currently not include advertising of any kind, nor is there a fee due to use it.If you feel like you need some inspiration, or motivation, feel free to use Coachiendo.

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You got inspired and believe, we can achieve something amazing together? Contact us. Tell us about yourproject, your dream. Let's make you dreams come true. Let us look for solutions together.